Outdoor Decks and Deck Remodeling

Installing new decks and remodeling old ones are among the most common exterior construction jobs that California homeowners invest in every year, and for good reason.

First, decking adds extra “outdoor living space” with quick access to your home’s interior—perfect for outdoor barbecues and parties or just for relaxing and recouping after a hard day’s work. Second, deck additions normally render an 80% ROI, thus substantially boosting the resale value of your home. Third and finally, on the sunny West Coast, you get nearly year-round use out of your outdoor deck, and with no harsh winter weather to worry about, maintenance if relatively easy.

Remodeling California has been involved in outdoor deck additions and deck remodeling in the Los Angeles Area for decades, and in that time, we have established a solid track record of quality workmanship, high-level customer service, and of always meeting or exceeding all safety standards.

Our Outdoor Decking Services

At Remodeling California, we can do any deck job, whether new installation or remodeling, small or large, complex or simple, ground level or upper story, on or off the water. We work with you on the design and planning stage to give you a visual of what your deck will look like and to help you stay within your budget.

We put quality and thoughtfulness into every stage of the project, from beginning to end. We begin by carefully measuring the decking area and ordering the necessary material. We will have all material delivered to a location that is convenient to you and where it will be safely shielded from any rain or mud.

Next, we use a layout frame and plum line to accurately position corner posts and keep everything square and level. The footing holes will be dug to a proper depth to support the structure above, and we only use high-quality concrete.

After building a solid frame that is sturdily attached to your building, we install all joists (using metal brackets as necessary) and fasten on the floor boards with aluminum (rust-proof) screws, nails, or lag screws as appropriate. Spindled railings, access stairways, step-downs, under-deck ceilings, and more can also be added.

We always use sturdy skirt boards to ensure stairs and stairway handrails are never left wobbly, use only sturdy, straight planks, avoid log-centered posts that might twist as they dry, and always remove all scrap wood and nails from your premises before we leave.

What Decking Materials Do We Offer?

At Remodeling California, our laborers are highly skilled in working with a diverse array of decking materials, and we can accommodate you on any material you desire. We commonly work with cedar, redwood, numerous other woods, composites, and PVC-based materials.

Each material has its own distinct advantages. For example, wood adds much value and beauty to your home and can be treated and stained to resist weather and insects. Composites are less expensive, mimic the look of wood, and require little maintenance. PVC-derived materials are stain, scratch, split, mold, moisture, and insect resistant and highly durable with a lifetime warranty.

We can use our deep experience in working with various decking materials to help you select the material that will best meet your needs.

Other Decking-Related Services

Besides the above-mentioned services, we also frequently handle more specialized, customized requests, such as the following:

  • Install multi-tier decking and connect third, second, and ground levels with outdoor stairways, which can be straight runs or change directions as needed.
  • Wrap pools with decking and ensure wood used is highly resistant to both water and chlorine. Pool fencing/gates, pool houses, gazebos, trellises, and pergolas are also often built into pool zones.
  • Integrate your decking with an outdoor kitchen and barbecue area and with surrounding landscaping (both hardscape and greenery).
  • Build a sun room or screen room with flooring made of decking material. This gives you a safe retreat from the sun, rain, and bothersome insects, while still letting in a a pleasant breeze and allowing you a wonderful view.
  • Utilize space underneath you deck or outdoor stairway for storage purposes, attractively landscape it, or close it off with lattice work.

Contact Us Today for Assistance

Remodeling California can handle your full decking installation and repair job from A to Z. We can meet with you on-site to discuss design layout, plan how to make your deck complement or blend in with your building’s exterior, and take measurements so we can give you a more exact quote.

For a quick quote, however, or to ask us any decking or remodeling related questions you may have, feel free to call us at 800-724-9946 or to fill out the online form.

Remodeling California has been serving homeowners in the City of Los Angeles and L.A. County since 1993 with high-quality workmanship, a strong work ethic, and sterling customer service. We give you honest, upfront quotes, competitive prices, multiple financing options, help with all permits and inspections, and are 100% licensed, bonded, and insured.


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