"Hero" Program and Financing Options

At Remodeling California, we offer multiple ways for our customers to finance their home renovation projects and save money at the same time.

Besides offering affordable, competitive rates and giving you the highest caliber of workmanship that will add true value to your home, we can use our longstanding relationships with local banks to secure the best possible terms on your home repair/renovation loan. And our participation in energy-and-water efficiency incentives like the HERO Program can help you finance your way to “environmental friendliness” and lower monthly expenses.

Financing Plans

While we can assist you in securing any number of loan types, what is typically most helpful to our customers (and typically what they prefer) is a 100% unsecured loan that covers the full cost of our services.

Rather than emptying out your savings, charging remodeling expenses on a credit card, or reducing equity in your home to provide collateral, you can get an unsecured loan with a low, fixed interest rate and a workable monthly payment scheme. This approach also gives you greater flexibility in how to spend the borrowed funds, which is important in case unexpected repair needs are discovered or if you change your mind on the exact remodeling plans.

However, we also offer quick refinancing programs for those who would rather use the equity in their home as collateral, and perhaps, secure a lower rate or a better repayment schedule as a result.

One of our financial advisers can meet with you to help you map out a “financial blueprint” for financing your home remodeling project, and we can take care of all the paperwork. Depending on your credit rating, you may qualify for a no or low interest loan or even no payments for the first 12 months, but we will always work with you to get you the best possible terms.

You may not be able to pay out of pocket for your home remodeling project, and yet, you don’t have to endlessly delay making the improvements you have long envisioned—and it may even be a matter of necessity (as in emergency repairs). Finally, home renovation may be needed to boost your property value before putting your home up for sale. Regardless of the reason, we have the reputation and resources to get you the loan that works best for you.

The Hero Program

Los Angeles (and L.A. County) is among the over 300 localities in California that offer residents the benefits of the HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) home renovation financing program. The HERO Program helps you finance upgrades to your home’s energy and water use efficiency. It is easy to apply, there is no application fee, and most homeowners qualify. Already, HERO has helped finance nearly 50,000 remodeling projects in L.A. County with nearly a billion dollars of funding.

Approval for HERO financing is not based on your credit score but on the energy/water efficiency of your upgrades. Payments are made through your property tax bill, and your upgrades may also qualify you for certain tax credits. If you are thinking of selling your home after renovating it, you will be happy to know that HERO benefits are often transferable to new owners.

As a registered HERO contractor, Remodeling California carries or can quickly access a long list of HERO-approved products, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Solar panels and solar power inverters needed to convert AC to DC power and control voltage levels.
  • Energy efficient outdoor/indoor LED lighting fixtures.
  • Energy efficient windows and doors that can save you 7 to 15% on your power bill.
  • Transparent window films that filter out UV rays and reduce heat build-up while still letting in the sunshine.
  • Attic and wall insulation of various types, under-roof radiant heat barriers, and attic ventilation fans.
  • Patio covers and awnings that keep excess heat from entering through windows and glass panes of doors.
  • Skylights that let in more natural light so you use less from fixtures.
  • Energy Star certified ceiling fans, mini-split AC units that enable “zone control,” high efficiency furnaces, and other high energy efficiency home appliances.
  • A full, professional energy audit.
  • Energy saving tankless water heaters and instant hot water delivery systems (also called “water re-circulation systems).
  • High efficiency toilet fixtures that use less water per flush.
  • High efficiency faucets and shower heads that slow the flow to save on water consumption.
  • Rainwater catching systems, drip irrigation that directs water to specific plants, rotating sprinkler nozzles that prevent over-watering, and weather-based irrigation controllers to maximize irrigation efficiency.
  • Artificial turf in select areas to reduce the water consumption of your lawn.
  • Drought-tolerant plants and landscaping that reduce water use and keep your lawn healthy through the trying California summers.

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At Remodeling California, we can help you with 100% financing your upcoming home remodeling project through an unsecured loan, refinancing your mortgage, or through home efficiency programs like HERO.

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