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We know that winter days can be wet and cold outside, but why is it so cold inside as well? What can you do to keep your house warm or warmer than it is?
This problem is seen mostly in older homes where there is a lack of insulation. In the 50's and 60's when these houses were constructed, the builders did not put insulation in the walls or foundation under the floors. The only place where there may have been insulation is in the attic, but after 60 years it most likely is gone. The lack of insulation effects the inside of the home on both cold winter days and hot summer days.

Installing insulation can make a difference and help to change the temperature inside of the house as well as to keep the cold/hot weather outside. When your contractor changes the insulation in the attic it can also be a good time to fumigate your attic for insects and termites, if found.

Insulating walls are a bit trickier because the walls have to be opened and the insulation placed in between the wall studs. The solution is to fill up the spaces with foam which can be injected either inside or on the outside of the walls.

Insulating under the house can only be done if the house sits on a raised foundation and there is a crawl space under the home to install it under the floor joists.

The second most important way to insulate would be with double pane windows and doors that are energy efficient and can also enhance the look and feel of your home.

A third way to keep the cold/hot out can be with weather stripping  around the doors and door jams. This is an easy and inexpensive fix.

These three things will help your quality of life, as well as lowering your gas and electric bills by using less energy and keeping the your house warm during the cold winter days and nights.

In addition, the HERO program can assist you in financing any energy efficient projects that you be my interested in doing.

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